This Work Is Not New…

Ken Graydon

Regeneration Healing is a compilation of modalities which attracts a series of healing probabilities from regeneration of organs, teeth or body parts through life-style changes, even animal healing to blessings of land or weather changes.

For people oriented healing, the overall intention is that a client will attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that they and the Creator had planned for them to have at this stage of their life.

Regeneration Healing works equally well face-to-face, as it does remotely to the other side of the world, which is just as well as we are based in Australia!

This work is not new.

The idea of regeneration and other amazing healings has been part of the sacred literature of most of the World religions.


Healing – The Handbook

Spiritual Healing

Is the basic book of processes that enables readers to develop their own healing practice. There have been amazing stories of readers having instant physical healing simply from holding the book.

That is the main reason why this book will not be sold as an e-book.

This book contains notes and processes used in our international workshops with many more processes developed for specific situations and as a basis for you to develop your own processes for your own healing or to develop a healing and teaching practice.

During the six years we have been offering workshops this work has evolved to become simpler and much more effective. The book will be an invaluable healing and teaching tool and is really a do-it-yourself workshop, and companion you can refer to, while working on yourself or others.